Today’s consumers use many multiple channels to compare and buy products and services.

They expect retailers to provide fast, consistent and seamless interactions in stores, online and via mobile devices.

At BlueConch Technologies, we help retailers adopt or transform their existing technology to gain a holistic view of buyers to better serve them across the retail value chain and channels.

We have helped our clients drive customer experience, improve operational efficiencies, increased their order fulfillment.

BlueConch Technologies transformed the procurement, supplier and contracts management solution for one of the leading spend management solutions provider, thereby achieving 58% increase in orders.

Case Studies

Order Management System

Developed an Order Management System (OMS) using the modern technology stack. The OMS is designed to manage large quantum of orders and monitor them through real-time reporting.

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Product Lifecycle Management

Delivered automated testing solutions for our customer’s web and mobile applications. We automated the localization testing for 30+ languages and helped them reduce the manual efforts significantly.

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