Several digital transformation trends are converging to transform insurance organizations, both products and services.

Insurance organizations are today driven by their millennial consumers - perennially connected, and who expect instant, personalized access, information and gratification.

BlueConch Technologies, with its experience in product/platform development, experience design, data science etc. in the insurance domain can help you unlock tremendous value.

We can help you gain a competitive advantage by building engaging products, facilitating compliance, increasing your automation footprint and leveraging data science - thereby driving efficient claims settlement, reducing fraud, whilst ensuring a immersive digital experience to your consumers.

BlueConch Technologies has helped one of the leading independent providers of claims management and settlement solutions achieving 6x faster claims processing and 3.5x cost savings through the adoption of BPM & RPA.

Case Studies

Order Management System

Developed an Order Management System (OMS) using the modern technology stack. The OMS is designed to manage large quantum of orders and monitor them through real-time reporting.

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Product Lifecycle Management

Delivered automated testing solutions for our customer’s web and mobile applications. We automated the localization testing for 30+ languages and helped them reduce the manual efforts significantly.

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