The technology industry is undergoing a paradigm shift driven by Industry 4.0, the advancement of network technologies, increased penetration of the internet, democratization of cloud & analytics and higher acceptability of IoT.

Products are expected to be innovative connected, smart and intelligent, in addition to being leaner and quicker to market.

Technology companies today face challenges with regards to providing hyper-personalized, Omni-channel services, whilst ensuring price competitiveness.

BlueConch Technologies offers Product & Platform Development & Maintenance, Product Innovation & Transformation, Automation led Quality Assurance and Digital Next Services. These services help our clients by transforming & modernize their products and services with emerging technologies thereby delivering exceptional customer experience, accelerate time-to-market and ensure business success.

BlueConch Technologies is a trusted partner and the driving force behind the integrated suite of electronic monitoring technologies and software for one of the world’s leading alcohol testing technologies for the criminal justice industry, hitting the 2 billion alcohol readings milestone.

Case Studies

Order Management System

Developed an Order Management System (OMS) using the modern technology stack. The OMS is designed to manage large quantum of orders and monitor them through real-time reporting.

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Product Lifecycle Management

Delivered automated testing solutions for our customer’s web and mobile applications. We automated the localization testing for 30+ languages and helped them reduce the manual efforts significantly.

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