200+ market winning products delivered.

250M+ solutions that influence people’s lives every day.

1000+ global products & technology specialists.

At UST BlueConch Technologies (erstwhile Xpanxion), we Engineer to Elevate. We specialize in building products and offering platform engineering services which deliver an elevated digital experience to our customers’ user communities.

Over the past 24 years, we have handed over 200 commercial grade products and platforms to global technology companies across healthcare, hospitality, logistics, retail, fintech, and technology.  We provide an easy and enriching engineering experience for our customers that include several mature tech startups and large enterprises.

Our entrepreneurial and high performance culture helps our global team of over 1000 highly skilled technology and product specialists, work in an environment that promotes innovation, hi-touch and hyper-agility.

Why BlueConch, you might wonder?

While blue is symbolic of trust and intelligence, the conch heralds victory and the auspicious commencement of new undertakings. BlueConch Technologies channels the power, elegance and simplicity of the blue conch as its raison d’etre to all areas of its existence.

In business lexicon, this translates to accelerating product development through faster, smarter, innovation-led engineering practices and digital technology solutions.

So what makes us, and what we do, unique?

Whether for associates, customers, business partners or the community, everything we do ties in with our vision of ‘providing an easy, enriching and elevated engineering experience through innovation, disruption, hyper-agility and hi-touch’.

Our values, Nimbleness, Innovation, Integrity, Collaboration, and Excellence define who we are and what we do.

How are our Product engineering services different from traditional application development services?

Product engineering services first requires a strong product development mindset, and the ability to strategically choose technology, architecture and design principles, followed by engineering solutions that are flexible.

As part of our differentiated value proposition, we provide customers product services across three categories:

  • Engineering services which focus on green-field product development which include product innovation, design, engineering and sustenance.
  • Enhancement services which focus on brown-field product development which include product rationalization, transformation, assurance and professional services.
  • Enabler services which cut across our engineering and enhancement offerings which include product intelligence, research, security and agility.

Our team at BlueConch Technologies is agile and lean, believing in iterative experimentation, early feedback and improvisation.

Think BlueConch Technologies, and you can be assured of product engineering, elevated.


Published on May 13, 2021