Our Digital assurance and testing solutions address the multifarious needs of digital transformation testing. We facilitate digital transformation by conducting comprehensive testing across the digital ecosystem – which includes cloud, mobility, big data, and connected devices.

We are helping our customers in the following ways:

Omnichannel support for superior UX across channels, devices and platforms

Data analytics to leverage Big Data in driving and enhancing customer engagement

Mobile testing strategy, laboratory setup, user experience, test automation, and testing performance, security, compatibility, accessibility, alongside network and service virtualization

Functional testing, automation, and performance testing of Big Data on Hadoop platform

Comprehensive on-demand assurance on cloud

White Paper

White Paper - XScale - Automated Testing Infrastructure using Docker, Selenium grid and Grafana

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Case Studies

Product Lifecycle Management

Delivered automated testing solutions for our customer’s web and mobile applications. We automated the localization testing for 30+ languages and helped them reduce the manual efforts significantly.

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Test Automation Solution

Developed over 43+ micro services to enable our customer’s processes and also helped them achieve better response time & performance.

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