AI and Bots have revolutionized software testing and development in terms of testing scope and workload, debugging adequacy, and advanced continuous testing. Machine Learning algorithms are helping achieve greater standards in terms of enhanced customer focus, cost optimisation and customer satisfaction.

We are helping customers in the following ways:

AI and NLP based continuous testing.

Optimize existing test suite by removing redundancies

Identify high failure module by analyzing defects using AI

Faster and more stable UI tests using AI based tools

Automated regression, smoke and sanity and test suite using QA Bots

Fast and simplified automated testing for Chatbots

White Paper

White Paper - XScale - Automated Testing Infrastructure using Docker, Selenium grid and Grafana

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Case Studies

Product Lifecycle Management

Delivered automated testing solutions for our customer’s web and mobile applications. We automated the localization testing for 30+ languages and helped them reduce the manual efforts significantly.

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Test Automation Solution

Developed over 43+ micro services to enable our customer’s processes and also helped them achieve better response time & performance.

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