Conversational UX is one that combines chat, voice or any other natural language-based technology to mimic a human conversation.

At BlueConch we have a 5-step-program for our Conversational Experience services:

Create a natural conversational interaction

Outline the problems that need to be solved

Define a persona for the IPA/chatbot

Provide the IPA/chatbot with conversational memory

Contextualize universals in a natural manner

White Paper

White Paper - XScale - Automated Testing Infrastructure using Docker, Selenium grid and Grafana

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Case Studies

Agile Application Development

We assisted our customer with SDLC needs including revamping UI, development of custom modules and automate testing. Adopted agile model for application development resulting in more standardized execution approach.

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Test Automation Solution

Developed over 43+ micro services to enable our customer’s processes and also helped them achieve better response time & performance.

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