Upgrading traditional legacy applications is crucial for any company to stay relevant and retain their competitive edge. Product companies regularly upgrade their products to keep pace with rapidly evolving technologies, as well as address changing customer demand.

At BlueConch Technologies, we help our customers in making their legacy products ‘smarter’ in a hassle-free environment, and without interrupting the ongoing operations. We help our customers with:

Technology Modernization

Architecture Modernization

UX Modernization

White Paper

White Paper - XScale - Automated Testing Infrastructure using Docker, Selenium grid and Grafana

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Case Studies

Order Management System

Developed an Order Management System (OMS) using the modern technology stack. The OMS is designed to manage large quantum of orders and monitor them through real-time reporting.

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Test Automation Solution

Developed over 43+ micro services to enable our customer’s processes and also helped them achieve better response time & performance.

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